What do you think?

When we played ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ the game gave a us three help cards which were; phone a friend, 50:50 and ask the audience. Please help me solve some of the internet puzzles by submitting your thoughts.

Forecasting with numbers
  • If you visit a website and have a bad experience you can use sites like scam adviser before or after using the site.
  • You can visit Citizen’s Advice or the Job Centre
  • You can join an Union even if is just to get advice and for peace of mind.
  • You can ask friends what they think if the example is kept general enough and they are positive people with a positive mental attitude.
I used to have a job which seemed a really great safe place to be i.e. employed but given that I held on to these snakes during duties…my new past-time of trying to muddle through the Bitcoin universe isn’t really much more risky than snake holding support work.