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United States

My support from Patricia Baker,

I met Patricia on an online course with Kerri Kannan, she was a participant in our group and we were encouraged to support each other as peers, as well as just receiving support from the course leader.

My first few conversations with Patricia I wanted to ask her what the news in USA was like about those hot topics we also see reported on in the UK press. I gathered that Patricia has said there has been support for Trump from people who wouldn’t necessarily advertise the fact that they support him. There seemed to be less negative reporting on him in America and in the UK. 

Patricia is skilled at thinking big, and when I said I was advised to explore opportunities with Silicon Valley companies she researched the HQ of Facebook and sent me some social media vacancies with big names.

I was thinking all the time about what I couldn’t do, I appreciated someone who didn’t believe in my own limiting beliefs that ‘I can’t’.

Patricia encouraged me to look at a technique called Tapping which works with vibrational energy. Its like a negative thought challenge which you complete whilst tapping through some points of the body, including head area which are acupuncture points.

Patricia has helped me whilst I was told to consider an Autism Spectrum assessment. She has listened to some scenarios and helped me to understand that in the world of work rushing in with suggestions or criticisms isn’t likely to help get people on board with me.

Patricia was learning about consciousness alignment in order to add this as a service for her clients.

Sometimes Patricia worked in ways which I was not experienced in, but I found my local prayer partner very in tune with work me and Patricia had been doing. For example, picking out a picture from a vision board and it was one I’d added to remind me of a conversation I’d had with Patricia.

Maybe it’s the USA influence but when my close friends say things like tapping it out, I smile to myself and think that support Patricia gave managed to find its way into our lives in Bristol, UK.

My chance to visit USA in 2014

Its not usually possible to go over to USA, but if you’d like to work with an American Therapist by Video call please contact Patricia by email:


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