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A Moment in Time

A moment to reflect on recent outbreaks of war

To the solider

The civilian

The martyr

The victim

This is war

A moment of truth, and a moment to lie, a moment to live and to die

This is war

Do or die and the story goes

“I believe in music, its everything to me”

Holding onto many dreams ‘to see things, travel around the world’

Music is something you hold onto

I re-edited together two 30 Seconds to Mars tracks.

Amazing that I’d video taped the two clips over 18 months ago and they fit together really well.

Ethics of Student Accommodation

crop accountant taking notes at desk with scattered coins
Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

If I asked you to guess how much a year in Student Digs might cost I wonder what kind of number you would come up with?

Others charge a fortune for the location: Scape in Shoreditch, London , charges £25,500 a year (£500 per week for 51 weeks a year) for a premium studio flat — without the added extras. The maximum maintenance loan available to UK students is half that amount: £12,382.