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I can’t feel my face anymore – mask dysphoria

Of course, we all can agree that facemarks were needed, and necessary without doubt to prevent the spread of covid.

Having now spent 3 years working as a carer for adults, I have started to feel a sense of shame or guilt about my full face. Seeing someone bare their face, feels somehow offensive. My mind draws the rest of the face and I often imagine the face to be different from the one which is behind it. And did you know, our brains erase our noses, as in reality we can always see them.

I was looking back at the first lockdown videos, as YouTube congratulated me on 100 subscribers. This early TikTok video is one of the last memories I have, of feeling normal about faces.

The constant compulsory mask wearing, has disoriented my spacial awareness of faces, and even how to move mine. I find myself less sure of myself as I speak to my colleagues on the bus stop without our masks. But fortunately it only takes a smile to break the ice.

Saying good bye to the freedom to wear your face as it is. Three years on, does anyone else have similar feelings of dysphoria or shame and guilt about showing your face without covering your mouth or nose and mouth?

Men and Women at Work

I don’t know if you ever experienced this.

A man turning up on the scene, and getting a much more senior job.

And after getting, what appears to be, an easier ride to a senior role, then I have to listen to him as if it sounds like this when he speaks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really care about many men in my life who I trust and respect (type Y). There also seems to be this other type of Man, maybe (type X).

Diversity Sucks – here’s why

It appears to be based on the idea that you can correct an imbalanced team by hiring so that you have every diversity box ticked.

It also makes some assumptions that particular people in the same categories might be similarly motivated.

Here I am with a group of older people in an architecture photography enthusiasts groups.

Some of the men have such different opinions on things that you would not believe it.

I think by separating off into groups it can make things worse.

A picture to show someone feeling isolated

I used to go to church when I was younger and it did provide a good place to mix with a range of ages. And actually I think women might need some help from men to understand how to successfully navigate through career progression and other things. I’m sure the men need us too!


Love it or hate it. Personality work, does try to evaluate someone’s strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes by their character rather than their outward appearance.

There’s a verse about people looking at the outward appearance but God looking at what’s inside.

Regardless of who we are and how we identify. Isn’t that how we all want to be treated and valued? For who we are.