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The first thing I did in lockdown… destroyed the sofa…

Looking back to March 2020 how we responded was different for everyone. I was expecting to move home to Weston and the removals cost was expensive so I ripped my sofa apart with my bare hands, getting a neighbour to help me finish it off. That’s when I formed my first covid bubble with someone else who was stuck on their own. Everything after that is the path I followed and the journey which was a long one taken step by step, by scooter, bus and train into summer 2021.

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They think it’s all over… and now it is… but does it really matter? (matt Hancock 2)

I was superpleased to realise I could write an article on dating, careers and healthcare all in one, with my analysis of the Matt Hancock resignation. I hope you will enjoy my view as I actually did follow him on Facebook earlier this year because I thought he was quite good, and I wasn’t even told I had to press like, I just did ….

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I started writing a magazine at University in 2006. This blog has been going 2 years. I do all the work for free and I hope you will enjoy it and find the topics interesting.

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