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Successful crisps winnings

Literally won about 12 packets of crisps, Guniness Flavour

My mum says it doesn’t matter how many jobs you apply for before you get one. You don’t have to tell anyone.

My dad says I haven’t found anywhere I want to work enough to really get a great job somewhere.

Existing between crisps winnings and agency work. I suppose it helps make life memorable and varied. The Guniness Crisps are quite tasty.

Something in the water

The new health secretary has been reported to be proposing adding fluoride to the water supply in the UK as we can’t be trusted to brush our teeth independently?

A graph to show the approval rating of support for Labour Minister Kier Starmer in 2020
I know we were fed up with the last health secretary….

But how long will the current one, stay in favour on the polls?

I like having nice clean teeth. Having extra fluoride in the water doesn’t bother me too much if it’s marginal.


Doesn’t time fly? Already the end of 2020 in sight. I was watching Inception which is about psychology and a matrix created of other people’s dreams. And then an interesting piece of dialogue caught my attention.

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? a virus? an intestinal worm?”

“What Mr Cob is trying to say…”

“An idea…”

With all the challenges we have faced, gaining a consensus of ideas and facts throughout 2020 has been one of our most difficult challenges.

And about 30 minutes to an hour in, I realise its the same story framework.

On a mission, its gets more dangerous, they have no choice but to continue despite the peril and do it faster (under more pressure)….

Looking back on old media clips of popular culture in American music and songs……. Such a different set of threats exist in this Payphone video … I remember that only a decade ago our main fear was of unexpected terror.

I hope everyone is keeping well during the winter months and would be happy to schedule a group zoom call if WordPress readers of Superkey’s World want one. 🙂