Another lockdown????

I’m sure that no one wants another lockdown, but how is everyone feeling about the rising rate of COV-19? It was surprising to see that my age group is more affected and also 18-25s. Plus it seems that COV-19 is in our community now, not just a problem for the residential care homes. How COV-19Continue reading “Another lockdown????”

Wonderful & Well day Bristol

Need a day out to yourself? Then here’s a great opportunity and you help  to raise money for charity Imagine if you could wake up on a Sunday morning, open your eyes and know that on that very same day you are going to be allowing yourself to take full advantage of feeling Wonderful & WellContinue reading “Wonderful & Well day Bristol”

Employee Benefits and Perks Explored

Have you ever had a robot take your blood pressure, weight and heart rate. Introducing the AllDayDr a UK based robotic solution to health and wellbeing.

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