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Trying to find a Keyworker Commuteable Place to Rent

A quick walk around a newly expanding estate which links to the Metro Bus

Why is so much students lodging here so damp on the outside? A nice estate full of housing, what looks like three story high houses split into flats for students. Some earlier built houses in a square which looks historic.

The estate felt very quiet with some middle aged older adults having a winter walk.

I can see the metrobus is making it all very accessible for the city here.

Sort out your life and your rice 😋

I actually really like Asian people, especially when the humour is this sharp. I guess for me it does push the boundaries of a stereotype. Just because he’s Asian will be expect a rice cooking lesson. What the hell his gadget reminds me of my CD player. Awh now I just want to cuddle him even though I’m lesbian. I’ll make room for him. I feel so bad for him. That was great rice therapy .