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Where next for the British economy?

The British people had become so fixated on the ‘fixer upper’ to rent out to three or maybe four tenants… and nearly all other business ideas were abandoned, as property became the holy grail of… well nearly everything… in the last few years.

So it doesn’t surprise me now, when I see the slowing growth of the UK economy.

All those interesting businesses, and small businesses which added flavour and virtue to our local communities, seem to have been like…. a tap turned off, or switched off.

And without these shoots of flowering business start ups, and so much investment into flipping properties to rent, or to sell. Well it doesn’t surprise me, that we are in the puzzle of how to start growing our economy again.

Which businesses will be the ones to be able to survive the bumpy ride into 2023 and beyond?

Well, possibly those with good renewable energy business plans, and maybe ones with some flexibility or solid reserves.

Apologies for using SpaceX incorrectly as an image about British business, I like the innovative outlook of companies like SpaceX where private investment filled a void to keep progression in space travel after the discontinued NASA programme.

what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

This is the in-person experience at Facebook where we heard from a professional who had worked for himself and for Google and Facebook.

Another example of a large tech brand offering Developers a way in to IT.

Further learning to complete about how to maximise the way we work on remote projects as consultants, e-commerce sellers and professionals.


Lastly here is another look back over my shoulder at 2019 when I enjoyed practising delivering audio radio MP3 shows. This one was about the rollercoaster of starting to trade with cryptocurrency, which was a beginner was obviously unsuccessful in the short term….! But I liked the recording so that was a good thing that came out of it.