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Climate Emergency 2019 Protest March Bristol City Centre

Was headed to town to meet a girlfriend for a coffee, when I spotted the march for green issues. I took the opportunity to film the crowd as the procession…

Bristol – dispirited and dispersed

This news article a year ago shows the stark realities for adults, similar ages to me, who cannot get themselves settled into housing or long term stability.

they are shutting down our facebook circles

There was an invitation to go to Facebook’s London office in 2019, I had it ping through to my account. I took up the offer and joined around 100 other…

eBay – how to create your at home business in e-commerce

eBay selling, how to do it from a home setting such as your front room. What you will need and the time commitment. Why its a great side hussle.

where to next?

How can our roadmap out of lockdown including closing the skills gap where many still lag behind on the technology available to change many social and economic challenges. And how…

The Sky project 2021

What do you think? I found as I painted the sky with a perfect artificially improved pallet that somehow the problems seemed in a strange way to become mixed into…

the housing crunch and gold rush in bristol and st pauls

Its a great shame that Boris Johnson didn't visit this part of Bristol during his visit this week and see the live gold rush that is happening on my doorstep…

Brexiteering how to split.. in the last moment

Howdy everybody well its Brexit today! And we want plenty of opportunity to make money!!!! Ha Ready to shake on it??

Fundraising & Research Project

In Bristol some people brought computers from me, requesting a discount because they were going to be sent to Africa, when I dug a little deeper into the opportunities or…

Weekly Rant

I don’t think anyone could fail to notice Donald Trump catching COV-19 whilst Biden didn’t. He was really enjoying teasing Biden about his ‘basement campaign’ and it looks like now…

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