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Pandemic Construction Trailer

I know a lot of people agree that more housing should be built, but the building trade had a lot of opportunities to keep building during the covid crisis and I kept some footage going of developments all connected to the road I live on.

Some people might think its progressing but the thing is here a complete lack of balance and lots of inconsiderate behaviour towards the local community.

Cement flour all over the road and the HGV parked on the kerb of a double yellow and the builders working in-between three housing blocks causing a triple nuisance achieved excellent by site auditors.

Do your complaining to the noisy site owners and push problems to Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The results? A very smart looking St Pauls full of new accommodation for students or investment buyers. Number of people who are Bristolians likely to benefit from it….. about 10 at a guess. Number of rooms built, probably over 300.


More student housing being built in St Pauls next to the last of the remaining social housing.

Have any other neighbourhoods in the UK or beyond, been affected by student developers in combination with social housing landlords which are disengaged from local area planning?