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How long should we treat covid as an emergency

I tend to get a Bristol Post themed feed through on my phone on the Google Start Screen.

Today I saw a headline ‘Mayor says let’s make masks on buses and trains law’.

back view of man wearing yellow hoodie standing in the water
Photo by Xandro Vandewalle on Pexels.com

I disagree that we should go back into forcing people to wear masks by law after Freedom Day was agreed finally by the government.

Lot’s of people still wear them, but finally we have a choice.

I still have to wear some sort of PPE at work and it doesn’t solve a couple of important things.

Some people’s lives have become quite alot smaller since covid, and they may never realistically lead the fulfilling lives they had pre-pandemic.

The masks produce litter everywhere!!

We’re in a period where we are also seeing the alcohol and drug related death rate increase, following the lockdowns.