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Final thoughts on Cardiff

The Welsh dragon or is he the Chinese dragon too?
Welsh romantic humour!
Cardiff market
Mens vintage fashion
Free museums with dinosaurs
Selfie opportunities
My favourite shop in St David’s – Minzo.

If you are interested in the Smartphone I used which is an Android Redmi note 8 pro you can visit this website


Pontypridd Lido (sky filter used)

Trying to find a Keyworker Commuteable Place to Rent

A quick walk around a newly expanding estate which links to the Metro Bus

Why is so much students lodging here so damp on the outside? A nice estate full of housing, what looks like three story high houses split into flats for students. Some earlier built houses in a square which looks historic.

The estate felt very quiet with some middle aged older adults having a winter walk.

I can see the metrobus is making it all very accessible for the city here.