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Trouble in Town Shine a Light on Me

Trouble in town

Because they cut my brother down

Because my sister can’t wear her crown

There’s trouble, there’s trouble in town

Blood on the beat (Oh-oh)

Oh my goodness, there’s blood on the beat

Law of the jungle or the law of the street

There’s blood on, there’s blood on the beat

Lord, when I’m broken (When I’m broken)

And I’m in need (I’m in need)

Feel that ocean (Feel that ocean)

Swallowing me (Swallowing me)

Head is hanging (Head is hanging)

So sorrowfully (So sorrowfully)

Oh Lord (Ooh-ooh)

Come shine your light on me (Shine your light on me)


A Moment in Time

A moment to reflect on recent outbreaks of war

To the solider

The civilian

The martyr

The victim

This is war

A moment of truth, and a moment to lie, a moment to live and to die

This is war

Do or die and the story goes

“I believe in music, its everything to me”

Holding onto many dreams ‘to see things, travel around the world’

Music is something you hold onto

I re-edited together two 30 Seconds to Mars tracks.

Amazing that I’d video taped the two clips over 18 months ago and they fit together really well.

Song Theme – songs that feel familiar

Feel Good I like It

It might not be cool to like Hailee but I absolutely have been loving this track and the style of the video, now I found out that it’s her debut as a director. Congratulations Ms Steinfeld on having more control by creating your wonderful music from start to finish.