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Bristol Protests – What you say on what social media differs

Let me explain my rationale…

On LinkedIn – my friends were praising their brother who was in the force with his sniffer dog for being very brave/professional

You were watching a reporter of the local or national press being pushed as they do their Facebook Live

On the phone to work colleagues, you were sharing your sympathy for someone’s sister or daughter who joined the force very young.

On telegram you were saying whatever you liked anonymously , under cover

…. I have seen the posters, with a mobile number, no telegram group mentioned. These people aren’t web developers are they?!

I used to have this tablet but I sold it to someone.

LiveJournal and why its surprisingly still successful

Here at Superkey’s World I/we like to bring you enthusiast guides to the best of the web.

LiveJournal – is a blogging website which was very popular in early 2005 and that you might think has become defunct since then, but is actually still doing very well. It’s the 150th most popular site on the web and 12th most visited site in Russia. It’s considered an activist and journalist hub and a place for intellectuals.

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It was designed for people to blog about their daily lives, but now there’s a lot of news on there. And the Game of Thrones writer still prefers it to Twitter. And the web pages are quite personalised.



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This LiveJournal article was based on information written for the Washington Post article by Caitlyn Dewy.


How to increase the strength of your Facebook shot

I watched a new feature film called The Social Dilemma which describes how we are the product of social media which is being sold to advertisers.

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In 2019 I decided to click on many of the advertisers appearing in my Facebook Newsfeed. Including:

  • Code Insitute (offered a free trial coding course, then tried to sell a training plan in the region of £1,500. A face to face networking seminar was also held. But no refreshments provided). I invited my best friend and he said no.
  • Learn2Trade – I absolutely loved this free seminar where a pitch was given about becoming a trader of currencies and how I could sign up to a special opportunity for only £2000 in London to see what the Greg Secker this was all about. I went twice and invited my mum. My mum looked up consumer watchdog reviews which said most students lost their money on these courses.
  • Fielding Financial – I went to a seminar where we learned to run up to the front and pay £5 for a book which I can’t seem to shift on Ebay now for £6. After that I also tried a Legacy seminar on Property Investment which was similar expect that it involved running to the back to sign up for a £1000 or £1500 two day course in London.

Left to right, my friend Vik at Fielding and the joggers which some lady offered me a fiver for in 2020 on my Marketplace project. Middle the group of people being told to invest in property by giving their hard earned deposit to Legacy for some training. Right my favourite seat at The Mercure where I went to the trading course. Refreshments provided on the first session and not on the second. Which was confusing as I accidentally tried to eat food and drink “ordered for another group, now hands off”.

In 2020 through running a Marketplace shop to sell off most of the unnecessary stock of my life I met around 50 people I would never have met before. Some were interested in connecting online and most were up for a short chat which was fun.

That is true.

One more thing….my own self built two day training in London

The only thing to wrap up is …. if there was a £2000 to spend where to gamble it away……

  • Cryptofxspace
  • Hashnow.cloud
  • The one above sounds worse than it was, a hash refers to the electric rate which mines for the Bitcoin. And the first had a pretty blonde lady on LinkedIn who was the CEO, until all contact vanished.