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More reasons never to be away from your mobile phone. .

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Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

Pope Francis greeted his admiring followers. He said Freedom Day is a good moment to switch off from our mobile phones and to rest and contemplate quietly.

The crowded in return wished him good health and prayed he’d enjoy his lunch.

I spent over an hour drawing in the dinning room with my mum, and felt all sort of tired afterwards.

I looked at my phone and someone had offered me £250 for a plumbing part on for £3.50 then retracted it.

More proof that what the Pope had to say was incorrect. We should always been looking at our phones in case sudden £250s arrive. Although the quiet drawing session was worth £250, as it was the right thing at the right moment for me.

It’s a phone…. you use it to call people!??

Back in the day, we used our phones as phones.

These days I use mine more for checking spending trends, listening to music.

Using a phone to phone people?? What a quaint idea.

Nah it will never catch on…..