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Beth’s trailer camper van club and music

I did once or twice create my own music, during my teens…. we had great bands like Coldplay releasing their early albums and it certainly was a lovely hobby, which helped me not to get bullied in secondary school and college.

Beth Orton’s track was so mesmerising for me and the video is pure simplicity.

Beth is sort of anxious, and curious … all at the same time, and contented in a very simplistically shot video.

She gazes out from her trailer house and then also towards the camera. Thank god for musician’s who weren’t smeared with thick make up like Little Mix or Katy Perry.

I think music is an excellent medicine for the soul. And I am slightly anti-vax towards some of the mental health meds me and my peers had to take whilst we were on recovery plans with the UK health services.

There’s a new trend towards therapeutic use of haullagenics in America with places like Compass Pathways offering treatment as close to the UK as Ireland.

The thing I realise is easy – can be taking drugs for relief of symptoms of poor mental health. The more difficult thing can be finding enough strategies to be able to pull yourself out of the depression, or anxiety.

My family always maintain my ten years on medications were a help to me. I’d tell anyone to add an extra 5 years getting used to not being on them after you start a course of treatment.

Perhaps as patients we should be more empowered to choose our medications, and if I want to go to Goop HQ and try magic mushrooms with Gwyneth whilst under the supervisor of a therapeutic clinician, why can’t I have what I really want??!!

I’ll leave you with a prescription for Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette. xxx