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All of my favourite things!

Example of types of items that sell well online – superhero and film collectables.

I’m really pleased with the work I’ve been doing on my eBay store, and that some more friends have been asking me to sell items for them. And how I’ve been developing my skills at photographing and presenting items.

It’s like a library

Parenthetical referencing, also known as Harvard referencing, is a citation style in which partial citations—for example, “”—are enclosed within parentheses and embedded in the text, either within or after a sentence.

The essays I had to write, always needed this particular referencing.

  • Name of publisher, author, date of publication, print edition
  • I used to find it really annoying, and detailed

I noticed recently, eBay prompting me to add all these small details about the book.

That’s how eBay works, it’s a catalogue. And you win, by listing your product more effectively by filling in more of the search specifics.