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Cloudflare Promotion on WordPress Tested

HI I am pleased to be here on WordPress and I tried the suggested promotion Cloudflare. I am a web developer for two years.

I signed up to Cloudflare last month and followed the change over of DNS name server as per instructions.

Since I enabled Cloudflare I cannot post my links on my social media. It gives me the message 301 moved permanently.

See these examples as screenshots on Snipboard.







This is quite a complex software feature to enable on your WordPress site, and as a .com user working mostly with pre-installed software, it’s taken me beyond what I understand in terms of technical.

Top marks for stretching my experience using web development, deducting one star for not being able to resolve the social share error even after contacting WP and CF support multiple times. (possibly because no one know WTF has occurred).

Rating: 4 out of 5.

e-Scooter’s reviewed

Empty shopping centres, almost an ideal surface for riding your scooter.

I purchased what I thought was a high quality e-scooter, then realised in Bristol we are only supposed to be using Voi.

In pretty much the same 48 hours I heard there was a new lockdown, so I decided to try the scooter help some fresh air and freedom.

I put on my helmet and apparently a look of pure glee and anticipation and took it for a ride.

Pros and Cons…

  • Mine seemed very well built overall.
  • It had lights which turned on every time it was on
  • Had three speeds: slow, moderate and a boost for uphills
  • Meant I could avoid the bus where I was worried that people weren’t opening the windows because of winter.
  • Downsides… the left red brake was an emergency stop
  • …the right brake was a very soft ‘steering brake’
  • Its more like braking with a car than with a bike

Undecided/neutral points

  • It takes around 4 hours to charge
  • The official hire Voi scooter costs 99p to unlock and 14p per minute
  • It will probably cost the same as catching the bus if I need to travel
  • My throttle needs repairing after 3 weeks of about 3 rides a week.

I might give it a miss for Christmas as I’m sure there’s going to be a clamp down on this type of thing soon. Shame the Voi Scooters are so expensive and my data broke whilst I was trying to check one out in the community. Doh!