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eBay a wahahey!!!

eBay has allowed me to learn many things about how to present items well, so that they are saleable.

I have practised my product photography.

Coped with changes to payment services, when PayPal was ditched.

Worked out the quickest way to relist everything, … is on a laptop

And spent lots of money too, and improved my ability to research and obtain the exact item I needed.

I’ve got my own home printing set up, using a brother label printer.

And I post items on my way to work, or during my spare days off.

Friends have donated packaging to me, so this saved me buying it.

I was pleased with the opportunity to reuse items, or recycle them for cash.

The art to a good present, is in… the presentation of the product!!!

Another learning point, was helping the customer to continue to experience the joy of shopping.

Sounds cliche, but most of us feel glad when we buy our product, followed by disappointment if it doesn’t meet our expectations.

Overall my customers have been happy the item was shipped promptly and arrived, when opened it was, what they expected.

Honesty in business can win sales, as it builds customer trust.

Not all of my sales are big, much more small orders, however I’m starting to try with more bespoke items. So I hope to continue to sell ‘en masse’ and possibly more bespoke.

I’ve even sold abroad, using eBays global shipping programme.

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Photo by Eren Li on Pexels.com

Lots of people have been throwing or giving away their unwanted stuff.

I have been collecting and storing some discarded items for about a year now.

I resell the items or use them to upcycle existing products like fashion wear I already own.

Estimated pay for a month and a half of freeganism – one Tommy watch.

A Magazine inside a Magazine —oooh!!!

I wasn’t sure what to follow up my last Matt Hanock article with, perhaps further investigative ideas on the CCTV contractors.

Then I found an article I submitted to my local area magazine stating that I find my inspiration for life from the very words Matt Hancock utters.

At least I didn’t get duped into painting some marketing images onto the student accommodation which has been set up here.

I don’t know about you, but given that having walked inside the university this year and been told the only thing open is a hotdesking study space.

I think they’d all be better going on an apprenticeship and staying at home!