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24 hours to open a shop….!

With the new, news of a more severe lockdown and living alone in social housing….I decided to ramp up the online efforts by branching across to Esty.

Etsy is a platform which facilitates more attractive listings for vintage and fashion or retro, and personalised garments.


As I’m working on my own. I also decided to model the garments as customers shopping online won’t be able to try until after they receive the fashion garments.


Has anybody else tried to set up a pop up online retail store??

1994 is gone but here is 1995

Anyone else started to see the date 1995 appear rather a lot in the value of the company you work for, the bank you hold your account with, the investment value which you put those rainy day coins into for 25 years.

This wasn’t even a new image I found, I remembered it from my childhood…seeing Mark Owen with Goodbye 1993 on his front and hello 1994 on his back.

Mark Owen of Take That in New York 1995 (Photo by Dave Hogan)

Can you believe this was our equivalent of celebrity BEFORE the world of Instagram.

I could probably recommend a song for you…and it won’t be James Morrison from my iPod circa 2011 singing Falling by Alicia Keys.