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The Impossible film review and Saturday update!

I’m just not ready to zoom in, to zoom into the current Ukraine crisis which I can do very little about.

I watched a film called The Impossible. It was about the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. An event I remember watching on the news as a teenager. It was around the time some of my peers were looking at doing backpacking as a year out before university,

It was just such a incomprehensible, incapable of being explained or accounted for, thing to have lived through. And I had not realised that it was dramatised into a film.

The family survives, it was their ability to swim that saved them, although they were badly injured.

It made me realise, it was the skills they had, their resilience which got them through a terrible event.

Midway through the film, the mum asks her son to do something, anything, to help others.

The choice to look outwardly when they had their own suffering to bear, gave them strength to continue their own fight for recovery.

Simon Jenkins, a British survivor from Portsmouth, wrote to The Guardian, stating the film is “beautifully accurate”. This was in response to critics commenting that the film is “overdramatic” and “whitewashed“. He says of the comments, “As I must, I’ve never been the sort of person to revisit and analyse events of the past, but some of these articles frustrated me. Had this film been purely about the tale of a western middle class family’s ‘ruined’ holiday then I would have agreed. For me, it was the exact opposite. Rather than concentrating on the ‘privileged white visitors’, the film portrayed the profound sense of community and unity that I experienced in Thailand, with this family at the centre of it. Both for my (then) 16-year-old self and the Belón family, it was the Thai people who waded through the settled water after the first wave had struck to help individuals and families…

white and blue body of water
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com

Strong Minded

One thing I have learned to be lately in strong minded. Although I come from a determined family.

I have somehow developed the ability so that I can force myself to do things I don’t want to do, to gain something I want.


I suppose when you succeed in doing something you didn’t think you could, it’s easier to believe in yourself.

Listening back to my podcast project, quite a lot of my audio tracks are about developing self belief

Achieving a goal as a team is another great way to develop resilience

Find your Election Build Your Community!

News came through around 12.30am this morning, that the stronger candidate Marvin Rees has won the election to be Bristol’s first mayor to secure a second term. Although he faced competition from the Green Party where they gave him a good running opposition. Also neither of the candidates Sandy or Marvin secured 50% of the first vote. So even though it seems like a secure win, it was decided by back up votes alongside main votes.

Wherever we find ourselves, I am confident we can find our own place in society where we can make a difference, and use our individual strengths to make a impact to the whole.

I’m a Christian and I definitely don’t believe that God just works through one person i.e. the elected mayor. Although I feel positive that Marvin has shown he’s got the strength to lead the city during the most difficult circumstances. I’m sure that if Marvin was saying something on this site, he’d want all people, who have the motivation or inclination to do something to make the best of their talents and opportunities to help us recover from the covid setback.

I believe in the unique strengths of my peer age generation

We were born in the eighties, saw the impact of the 9/11 attacks and the following counter aggression of armed forces, followed by a global financial recession in 2008.

Those of us aged around 33/34-39/40 years old have had to accept a world which is both disappointing, but also worth working for and healing where we can.

I definitely have a strong feeling that in the next five years the millennials which I am part of will have a bigger part to play in showing what we learned about resilience and coping with the challenges. I certainly feel that we have had great input from our parents generation, and given the secure foundations we had, that millennials will want to become more involved in geo-politics to secure the future of the next generations.

There’s lots of worries about being diverse enough. My university experience gave me the opportunity to work with many Europeans particularly German and Norwegian overseas students.