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what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

This is the in-person experience at Facebook where we heard from a professional who had worked for himself and for Google and Facebook.

Another example of a large tech brand offering Developers a way in to IT.

Further learning to complete about how to maximise the way we work on remote projects as consultants, e-commerce sellers and professionals.

Lastly here is another look back over my shoulder at 2019 when I enjoyed practising delivering audio radio MP3 shows. This one was about the rollercoaster of starting to trade with cryptocurrency, which was a beginner was obviously unsuccessful in the short term….! But I liked the recording so that was a good thing that came out of it.

Great team work, positive attitude for a winter uphill slog

And no I don’t have a car. I’m sorry. They are too expensive. And the last one I crashed it into a BMW. Then I basically gave up on keeping it all together with the costs.

I finally got to 150 listed items on one of my stores. That’s been a labour of love, scanning all the barcodes.

How is everybody else getting on with this longer than expected challenge for our health and economy?