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Search and capture or chase .. police TRAINING GAME

CC Gaming is a popular game play channel on YouTube where you can watch the police do their job and maybe even learn skills for a promotion.

Questioning a suspected drug dealer

It’s officers drive round in British cars in an American looking suburb.

Was the suspect practising parkour or stealing?

A variety of scenarios occur including some chasing required or finding out if someone is stealing from residents gardens or just exercising.

This man drove away from the police when they started chasing him but eventually gave himself up.
Doing the patrol in the car
The channel link.

How to get rid of Happy Mondays – permanently

Did you know that you can permanently get off the list of Reed Happy Monday find work emails???

  • Find a job on Reed and apply
  • Get past all the vetting and checks
  • Someone at Reed forgets the job isn’t live
  • Job gets indefinitely delay
  • Ask Reed to pay me anyway
  • Reed decline
  • Reed discontinue ever contacting me about a ‘Happy Monday’ to find a job
young woman sitting at table with flowers in florist shop
Photo by Amina Filkins on Pexels.com