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What is the greed fear index part two

The Financial Markets are in fear currently. Abit like my video where I mixed media of a sports car unable to move and sounds of accelerating.

It’s probably a good month to look at the CNN Greed Fear Index if you want to understand how it measures emotions involved with money.

Volatility in the financial markets can affect everyone, because even if you never held a single investment, your company pension is most probably invested in a fund, which in turn is a collection of companies which your pension is held inside.

Nineties Grrrrrrilll

I’m a nineties girl. I grew up with a labour government when I left school which encouraged us to get an education. I graduated into the 2008 recession and couldn’t get enough steam behind me except to try a range of jobs.

A letter from Borderforce about my attempt to ship goods from overseas around the beginning of Brexit.
If I had a pound for every building site that popped up during the pandemic I’d have £500
Your home is what you make of it anyway
Did your life turn out as expected?

We were supposed to be off to a good start with our education, education, education….. do not under-estimate nineties girls (and boys)>

Great team work, positive attitude for a winter uphill slog

And no I don’t have a car. I’m sorry. They are too expensive. And the last one I crashed it into a BMW. Then I basically gave up on keeping it all together with the costs.

I finally got to 150 listed items on one of my stores. That’s been a labour of love, scanning all the barcodes.

How is everybody else getting on with this longer than expected challenge for our health and economy?