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hoop it to the top in sports management

It was an inspiration to me when I needed it. The story of Jerry Maguire when he sets off on his on course with his one client – Rod Tidwell. To make it to the top of sports management in the USA. 

I would suggest that perhaps a few more clients would be a safer bet. lol. But Jerry brings along with him; Dorothy, plus her kid and sister, best friend and the Tidwell clan as well. So it soon becomes a group purpose to see if Jerry really believes his mission statement. 

I hope you will enjoy this remix and forgive the secret garden lyrics of sticking it in if you treat her nice, as I overdubbed that with some squelchy electronic beats. 

Your right Tom/Jerry/ we all need to find a way to talk…. but not too much, and try to hide that old freak out from getting to bad when we stand up to leave after our speech!!!

what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

This is the in-person experience at Facebook where we heard from a professional who had worked for himself and for Google and Facebook.

Another example of a large tech brand offering Developers a way in to IT.

Further learning to complete about how to maximise the way we work on remote projects as consultants, e-commerce sellers and professionals.

Lastly here is another look back over my shoulder at 2019 when I enjoyed practising delivering audio radio MP3 shows. This one was about the rollercoaster of starting to trade with cryptocurrency, which was a beginner was obviously unsuccessful in the short term….! But I liked the recording so that was a good thing that came out of it.