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What happens to the internet when the buses change timings?

It always has to come across like I’m the worst complainer ever.

I can’t be the only person who likes things to run in order, surely?

I think what happens when a timetable changes is:

  • On a temporary basis two timetables exist
  • The one available online
  • The one which the drivers are doing in real life

Until Google refreshes it cache enough time to grab the new journeys.


Gone are the days when we didn’t have to sit next to anyone
I thought we were going to be able to stay at home forever!!!!!!!!! Making videos of us singing songs with a deodorant can in our pjs.
Because we had to sell our good toys to pay the rent.
And outdoor hobbies like fishing were the only option
I was a very good mask wearer thank you

Now the bus is full of people all jabbing into each other and having to put up with someone’s baby coughing the whole way there and somebody else who had bad body odour. My life is so difficult……

Got a back to work bus story….. feel free to add it in the comments.