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Bristol Protests – What you say on what social media differs

Let me explain my rationale…

On LinkedIn – my friends were praising their brother who was in the force with his sniffer dog for being very brave/professional

You were watching a reporter of the local or national press being pushed as they do their Facebook Live

On the phone to work colleagues, you were sharing your sympathy for someone’s sister or daughter who joined the force very young.

On telegram you were saying whatever you liked anonymously , under cover

…. I have seen the posters, with a mobile number, no telegram group mentioned. These people aren’t web developers are they?!

I used to have this tablet but I sold it to someone.

Bristol – dispirited and dispersed

This last week, if you follow the Bristol news you might have seen the rioting, described as the worst in a decade, occurring by a Kill the Bill mob.

I have been pointing for many months to the development of investment properties and student development, both of which are not able to support the housing need in Bristol.

This news article a year ago shows the stark realities for adults, similar ages to me, who cannot get themselves settled into housing or long term stability.

And of course the people who committed the violence will severely sabotage their own futures, as the criminal charges they might likely face, will make them unemployable in future.

And what for me? I’ve been quietly trying to top up my Binance saver as the month end means that the coins have slowed a little, so I’m hoping they will bounce upwards when the month ends.

Let me read your cards

So here we have a set of cards let’s say it’s your life chances. Let’s list a few.
  • Where you live
  • How you were educated, where and to what extent you achieved through it
  • Your confidence
  • Your resiliance to bounce back
  • All these are often determined by your wealth.
  • I think we need to add another word into our equally debate and it’s about wealth and assets or money.
  • I believe with more access to education, and opportunities in work we might see a better represented workplace in terms of culture and communities.
An old MP3 I recorded around the time of a protest in 2019.