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Free to Demand more and be more! Alright!!

The magical fairies and supernatural friends were at work, creating an even more wonderful female kick ass musician to help us through Monday.

Sigrid. Sight of You




Yes, she seems to have more control of her music and how she represents her energy and image.

How to activate your response…

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Before you jump to conclusions…. I want to talk about group behaviour, and how to become more effective.

Presently we have many restrictions which mean that we have to stand apart when in person.

This doesn’t mean we have to manage all our battles alone. I have worked in care and support for 4 years and retail for 3. Of those periods I have been in a Union for 3.5.

I’m writing from my home in central Bristol where in June the crowd pulled down the Colston statue.

If you want change in your neighbourhoods or at work I strongly recommend you join the relevant Union. For example in the UK Unite and Unison are the leading Unions. But there are many Unions specific to whichever niche you work in.

And lastly, back to the group picture. Its easy for an organisation to ignore a single claimant but when more people add their voice to the table, more can be done to improve conditions at work or in our area.

Ok, I didn’t actually like the statue toppling. Despite agreeing with the many points it represented. I’ve done many career pathway courses and step-up programmes. Not all opportunities are deliberately held out of reach of segments of society, but some opportunities are more difficult to reach out to.

Sajid Jarvid recently inspired me by his example, and I really enjoyed listening to a podcast on The Times online where he spoke about his challenges getting the right education as a son in a family where the expectations were low.

With the right network of encouragement and support anyone can achieve anything anyone can achieve incrementally more than expectations. Like we see with computer algorithms there are some lucky moments where the universe gives us a supercharged boost upwards, although these are not guaranteed.

Standing on a chair annoys people

Standing on a chair annoys people.

The first time I remember standing on a chair to say something was at David Lloyd where I was starting a new job working on the after school club.

The job was going ok then it began to be clear it was miles away and I kept being late. The person running the department was a lady with children herself and a car blah blah blah. One day I stood up on the chair and I said I don’t have kids and I don’t want to push a sprog out, so there.

It’s like whenever I post a picture of me stood on a chair, so you can see my whole profile, that folks want to push me off.