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Bristol – dispirited and dispersed

This last week, if you follow the Bristol news you might have seen the rioting, described as the worst in a decade, occurring by a Kill the Bill mob.

I have been pointing for many months to the development of investment properties and student development, both of which are not able to support the housing need in Bristol.

This news article a year ago shows the stark realities for adults, similar ages to me, who cannot get themselves settled into housing or long term stability.

And of course the people who committed the violence will severely sabotage their own futures, as the criminal charges they might likely face, will make them unemployable in future.

And what for me? I’ve been quietly trying to top up my Binance saver as the month end means that the coins have slowed a little, so I’m hoping they will bounce upwards when the month ends.

Search and capture or chase .. police TRAINING GAME

CC Gaming is a popular game play channel on YouTube where you can watch the police do their job and maybe even learn skills for a promotion.

Questioning a suspected drug dealer

It’s officers drive round in British cars in an American looking suburb.

Was the suspect practising parkour or stealing?

A variety of scenarios occur including some chasing required or finding out if someone is stealing from residents gardens or just exercising.

This man drove away from the police when they started chasing him but eventually gave himself up.
Doing the patrol in the car
The channel link.