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eBay a wahahey!!!

eBay has allowed me to learn many things about how to present items well, so that they are saleable.

I have practised my product photography.

Coped with changes to payment services, when PayPal was ditched.

Worked out the quickest way to relist everything, … is on a laptop

And spent lots of money too, and improved my ability to research and obtain the exact item I needed.

I’ve got my own home printing set up, using a brother label printer.

And I post items on my way to work, or during my spare days off.

Friends have donated packaging to me, so this saved me buying it.

I was pleased with the opportunity to reuse items, or recycle them for cash.

The art to a good present, is in… the presentation of the product!!!

Another learning point, was helping the customer to continue to experience the joy of shopping.

Sounds cliche, but most of us feel glad when we buy our product, followed by disappointment if it doesn’t meet our expectations.

Overall my customers have been happy the item was shipped promptly and arrived, when opened it was, what they expected.

Honesty in business can win sales, as it builds customer trust.

Not all of my sales are big, much more small orders, however I’m starting to try with more bespoke items. So I hope to continue to sell ‘en masse’ and possibly more bespoke.

I’ve even sold abroad, using eBays global shipping programme.

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Bitcoin news exclusive – now accepted at Sainsburys

This is a fictional article which aims to explore ideas around how in future cryptocurrency and mainstream shopping experiences could merge and overlap.

In an exciting turn of events, it has now occurred that Sainsburys will be accepting Bitcoin payments.

The food retailer admitted it has long wished to incorporate Digital Currencies into the ways customers can pay for their food and other groceries.

The Amazon gift card has long been a successful way to gift money. Why not pay with a QR code on your phone which links to your Bitcoin account. This is what we expect to roll out at Christmas.

CFO of Sainsburys Kevin O-Bryne
Not so much a penny in your pudding, but a Bitcoin to buy it with.

What do you think? Will you be keen to pay for your Christmas turkey with crypto coins in 2021?

eBay managed payments – explained

No one likes change, probably not even the staff at the eBay customer service centre.

PayPal is being dropped as they move to ‘Managed Payments’.

Means that all sales money will be sent directly to your business bank account within 2 business days. And no more invoices as eBay will deduct their fees before you get the funds.


I called up with that exact question… and got the impression that eBay is going to picking up a lot of calls with the same query.

  • Paypal used to give sellers their money immediately
  • But it was effectively loaning the money because it takes two days to clear
  • Oh heck, we should have appreciated PayPal more

If everyone starts to hate the new managed payments system, there is a possibility that eBay will introduce its own PayPal type system, to give sellers the money on sold items upfront.

  • Its better for compliance as most people use PayPal for many personal and business purchases
  • It will be easier to show in a tax return document monies received direct to an allocated account

I don’t know what will happen about the extra 5 months you had with PayPal to chase up any disputes on orders. Which effectively meant users of eBay had 6 months insurance, in case an order went wrong.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

See it wasn’t too scary after all was it….

Or was it? ….