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That’s not my name!

Some names do sound quite similar. And any interim manager will get past their honeymoon phase in the new job by discovering, they have been saying everyone’s name a little bit wrong.

Lizzy isn’t Liz anyway, its Elizabeth. And who’s this name on the list, has another co-manager mistaken the names or was it another Elizabeth called Izzy?

People were being too polite to mention all the incorrect name pronouncing especially when it comes to how long the name can be shortened to or not.

A typical floor manager of a supermarket walking round trying to find Stacey. Only to discover it was Sophia. Sophia hasn’t received the email sent to Stacey and whatever was supposed to have been communicated hasn’t.

And too many people with the same name, how to distinguish them politely??? Fred from Wales and Fred from Taunton?

What about that person in the office with quite a fashionable outfit, who didn’t have much experience. One day you’ll have to remember this person’s name too! You can just say ‘hey super dry top!’

If people are willing to be honest with you about your well intentioned name learnings and failures, perhaps this is a good place to be afterall.

Gradients of equality

I’ve had some experiences where co-workers with children were able to negotiate time off during periods when the business needed attention.

One manager who was the on call back up never came in during weekends.

His absence added to the stress I was under when staff called in sick and I had to find last minute cover.

In the end it resolved by him giving me a disciplinary. Which his seniority in the business enabled him to do.

That’s an example of someone who seemed to have their own platform of privilege which I would have liked to topple.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about LGBTQI equality and if you feel it has become better or worse since 2019. Maybe you have your own stories to share.

Apparently this man is in the fire fighting force now, although I don’t know if he ever gave up smoking…..