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Most relatable Queen internet meme

My YouTube feed seems full of Royal Family short videos. And this is my favourite.

She was meeting David Attenborough for a Trees Walk

When a helicopter noise was heard above. Suspicions were raised in her mind that it was probably Trump or Obama.

I really relate to this, where I live is very noisy sometimes, and unfortunately I have some hyper sensitivity to noise.

More royal sites to view and to understand how the next generation of royals are seeking to protect the planet see https://sussexroyal.com/monarchy/

Painful noise stress

One thing I have not been able to escape this pandemic as well as covid, is noise stress.

Especially drilling into concrete.

I’ve been to Bath, Wells and all round Bristol and Somerset. Each time there’s someone doing a building project outdoors which involves sawing into tarmac, or stonework.

I even had it outside my door for ten days in August.

I brought these ear defenders, they just take the loudest parts of the sound down in volume and make it a little harder to follow the conversation.

I hope as well as being annoying that it’s not causing irreversible hearing damage. Although I just don’t know.

Pandemic Construction Trailer

I know a lot of people agree that more housing should be built, but the building trade had a lot of opportunities to keep building during the covid crisis and I kept some footage going of developments all connected to the road I live on.

Some people might think its progressing but the thing is here a complete lack of balance and lots of inconsiderate behaviour towards the local community.

Cement flour all over the road and the HGV parked on the kerb of a double yellow and the builders working in-between three housing blocks causing a triple nuisance achieved excellent by site auditors.

Do your complaining to the noisy site owners and push problems to Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The results? A very smart looking St Pauls full of new accommodation for students or investment buyers. Number of people who are Bristolians likely to benefit from it….. about 10 at a guess. Number of rooms built, probably over 300.