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South of the Circle Heading to Nintendo Switch

South of The Circle is set as two timelines. Professors at Cambridge University at the time the Cambridge spies were being uncovered. And out in Antarctica where the professor is tasked with studying clouds and spying on nuclear weapon activity in the icey landscape.

I really appreciated the use of voice actors. A strong supporting female character and very genuine male in the role of professor, with PTSD.

You can wait for the game release, or download on Apple products. Otherwise the full gameplay in a movie experience on YouTube.

Peter’s relationship with Clara is romantic and also brings his emotional life into view. Clara experiences sexism from the University during the women’s suffrage.


11 Bit Studios https://11bitstudios.com/


State of Play game developer https://www.stateofplaygames.com/

Nintendo Switch Lite Reviewed

A pre-owned Nintendo Switch Lite

I was interested in trying out the portable gaming console which is the Nintendo Switch. Although given the price tag could easily stretch into £300+ for a console, I went for a used Lite version at £135.

I brought it from a Welsh technology reseller called Regenerate. 🙂

Through their sales page on eBay

And Argos had a two for £15 on Switch Games.

Some of the games to choose from at the budget end of the price scale.

The Zelda game is supposed to be one of the best all time Nintendo Switch Games, although not cheap at just under £50 new.