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Painful noise stress

One thing I have not been able to escape this pandemic as well as covid, is noise stress.

Especially drilling into concrete.

I’ve been to Bath, Wells and all round Bristol and Somerset. Each time there’s someone doing a building project outdoors which involves sawing into tarmac, or stonework.

I even had it outside my door for ten days in August.

I brought these ear defenders, they just take the loudest parts of the sound down in volume and make it a little harder to follow the conversation.

I hope as well as being annoying that it’s not causing irreversible hearing damage. Although I just don’t know.

Right to Buy Right to Acquire

I was wondering if any readers in the UK would be prepared to share their experiences of right to buy and shared ownership.

I’ve been researching these terms as well as who it is that controls the housing market and its regulation.

I’m really concerned that principles of shared ownership which were in existence in 2015-2018 have been deleted somehow from what is being offered to you me and many of us who are key workers.

These are past help to buy shared ownership features

  • Discount (repayable if you sell within the first 5 years)
  • access to buy the local housing association home you live in, if you lived there longer than 5 years

Here are current shared ownership features

  • Able to buy a home newly built for you
  • No discount offered on price
  • The house, is new, so often on the higher range of the local market rate
  • Leases with 99 years or less available

Did you know that the maximum lease length is 999 years not 99 years?

Do you think a new building is worth more or is an older building worth more?

Attached the original document I was given about purchasing the property from my landlord.

NHS Test & Trace Reviewed

I signed up with the Test & Trace app almost as soon as it was launched. I set up my Bluetooth to scan proximity to others and I had also taken care to scan into any venue I entered.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

The app has notified me a number of times that I have been in proximity to somebody who has submitted a positive COV-19 test.

However it did not tell me to self-isolate, it said my proximity was not long enough.

I recently read that the sensitivity of the app was set lower than it could have been. Meaning that having been near to an infected person is not enough for the app to advise the user to stay at home.

I am quite happy to do what I am told based on the data collected. However so far the app did not initiate a stay at home order for me.

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com