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Rise Above It

I’ve been given three pots of paint, from a friend. It’s given me some motivation to look at my bathroom again. I’ve painted it lilac.

There’s some really damp, wet that has been getting into the walls.

I managed to put some reinforcements in, to try to protect the wall.

To prevent it from getting worse.

I’ve enjoyed my day, the physical aspect to reaching up to paint the tall ceilings, using a broom with the roller tied onto it.

I must have wiped down the floor from paint spills five times today.

A neighbour said its the landlords job to do it.

My dad said landlord was supposed to have rewired the place too.

I ploughed on with the painting, grateful for the good quality, calming colour.

I’m really pleased with it all.

Another neighbour said it showed off my design skills.

The first neighbour replied later, he said ‘try to rise above your disappointments, if you can.

Bitcoin news exclusive – now accepted at Sainsburys

This is a fictional article which aims to explore ideas around how in future cryptocurrency and mainstream shopping experiences could merge and overlap.

In an exciting turn of events, it has now occurred that Sainsburys will be accepting Bitcoin payments.

The food retailer admitted it has long wished to incorporate Digital Currencies into the ways customers can pay for their food and other groceries.

The Amazon gift card has long been a successful way to gift money. Why not pay with a QR code on your phone which links to your Bitcoin account. This is what we expect to roll out at Christmas.

CFO of Sainsburys Kevin O-Bryne
Not so much a penny in your pudding, but a Bitcoin to buy it with.

What do you think? Will you be keen to pay for your Christmas turkey with crypto coins in 2021?

LiveJournal and why its surprisingly still successful

Here at Superkey’s World I/we like to bring you enthusiast guides to the best of the web.

LiveJournal – is a blogging website which was very popular in early 2005 and that you might think has become defunct since then, but is actually still doing very well. It’s the 150th most popular site on the web and 12th most visited site in Russia. It’s considered an activist and journalist hub and a place for intellectuals.

selective focus photo of man using laptop
Photo by Buro Millennial on Pexels.com

It was designed for people to blog about their daily lives, but now there’s a lot of news on there. And the Game of Thrones writer still prefers it to Twitter. And the web pages are quite personalised.



person in spiderman costume
Photo by Life of Wu on Pexels.com

This LiveJournal article was based on information written for the Washington Post article by Caitlyn Dewy.