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A Magazine inside a Magazine —oooh!!!

I wasn’t sure what to follow up my last Matt Hanock article with, perhaps further investigative ideas on the CCTV contractors.

Then I found an article I submitted to my local area magazine stating that I find my inspiration for life from the very words Matt Hancock utters.

At least I didn’t get duped into painting some marketing images onto the student accommodation which has been set up here.

I don’t know about you, but given that having walked inside the university this year and been told the only thing open is a hotdesking study space.

I think they’d all be better going on an apprenticeship and staying at home!

– war —

Introducing a new writer – the un-named man. In 2020 we have seen the need to obscure our faces with masks, although this was commonly something a gang or bandit might do. So why not put your feet up and enjoy an old Weston.

the searchers – film review – suggestion/recommendation

The Searchers, A John Ford film.

Starring John Wayne, Jeffery Hunter & Natalie Wood.

After the Civil War Ethan Edwards returns home from The War with medal for Valor in his pocket, unlike now those men who fought that War excepted the loss and new that the country they knew would change forever but not all were filled with hatred and blood lust like some people would have your believe.

The Confederate flag is no more racist than Abraham Lincoln, being proud of men who fought for what they believed in no matter how racist it may have been is not wrong, those men were strong, proud and were willing to die for what they believed in.

militray men sky diving
Some daredevil American heroes – Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This man trades one war for another as so many Soldiers returning home still do, Comanches steal some of the neighbours cattle as a ploy to get the men away from the family home to kidnap the young women and kill their enemies family, Ethans sister and nephew are killed in the raid and the house is left on fire when Ethan returns.

He soon joins a posey to pursue them, after tracking the Comanches, months turn into years and soon 12 years have passed after fighting with the Indians and Bandits along the way. Ethan and Martin finally meet the Comanche leader who raided their home and killed their family.

The leader had many scalps in his tipi and one belonged to Martin’s mother, Ethan has so much hate for the Indians and while meeting with The Comanche, Ethan & Martin meet Debbie the daughter he kidnapped from them, who is now an adolescent but wishes to stay with the Comanche but Ethan would rather see her dead than live her among the Indians.

female wildlife rangers
Intended as a general image of women and mothers who may face all kinds of peril.
Photo by International Fund for Animal Welfare on Pexels.com

Martin tries to protect her when Ethan tries to shoot her, The Comanche wound Ethan with an arrow, Ethan and Martin return home for a short while and after return to the Comanche camp to kill Scar and save Debbie.

Ethan decides to save Debbie instead of kill her after learning that he has done enough killing and family is more important.

First Feature Film by Sophie

And thinking back to The Matrix which had an interesting storyline I remember the young boy who bends the spoon with his mind. He says to Neo that the way to bend the spoon is to get the mind to believe ‘there is no spoon’.

Here it is the first 2020 film and it’s feeling positive

Other people are doing their resolutions

Unpacking a narrative…..the/our enemy

Having seen some of Hollywood’s latest gruesome fights I came around a few storyline patterns. These are:

  1. When we finally have the show down with our enemy, they keep coming back at us. We punch them in the face, kick them until the fall over and as soon as our back is turned, they have gotten up. Or they somehow self-healed and are back to full health again, so we must continue to beat the ‘you know what’ into them, so they bleed some more.
  2. Then the detour into the enemy being somehow connected to us i.e. they are secretly our son which we disowned – a reversal of the Star Wars Luke/Vader plot. We must decide if we truly want to smash to pieces something that is partly in us as well.
  3. And the extra-long mushing the brains out of the enemy whilst we gain considerable damage ourselves, so it’s a cliff-hanger about whether our enemy will win or if we will.
  4. And then working out which death our enemy should face and its usually one of two choices of being beheaded by the chandeliers or pushed into the fire at the bottom of the hole in the building.

What are the lessons we learn perhaps subconsciously from this battle we see?

And thinking back to The Matrix which had an interesting storyline I remember the young boy who bends the spoon with his mind. He says to Neo that the way to bend the spoon is to get the mind to believe ‘there is no spoon’.

I suppose I have been interested in learning about Hypnotherapy and other forms of treatment for upsetting memories, sleeplessness or OCD. Maybe the way to overcome our fears is to move towards a mindset where we dwell less on the fear itself so that ‘there is no spoon/evil enemy/awful relative/threatening neighbour’.

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