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Rishi and his dishy management scheme.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and prosperity across the United Kingdom. That’s why we’re introducing Help to Grow, a scheme that will give them the tools they need to innovate, grow and help drive our recovery from coronavirus. The first part of this scheme is called Help to Grow: Digital. We’re creating a new, online hub that will offer free advice on what tech will best help SMEs save time, money and help them grow.

As part of Help to Grow: Digital, eligible SMEs will also be given vouchers to get up to 50% off the purchase of new productivity enhancing software worth up to £5,000 each. Research shows that technology can increase sales by around 18% per employee over the course of three years.Our Help to Grow: Management programme will give 30,000 SMEs access to world-class business expertise on everything from financial management to marketing. Dozens of our leading business schools across the country will offer 50 hours of tuition with one-to-one support from a business mentor.

In fact, there’s evidence to suggest that even small improvements in management practices can lead to 10% increases in productivity. Help to Grow will fuel our Plan for Jobs and boost productivity in all corners of the UK and turbocharge our economic recovery.Register your interest now at www.gov.uk/helptogrow/

One idea I had, creating a special effects studio in my home using TikTok style filters and video editing app tools.
Another idea creating Segway practice zones and videos of adults with flame effects you have to put all your attention on managing to balance. So it helps you to de-stress.

Good and bad people at work

I don’t like people who were promoted by someone they were in a romantic relationship with. People who ran a department and gave their future spouse better holiday days off.

Some of these people said I wrote something in the wrong box. Because wasn’t sure which box to write “I don’t like you” in.

People who I do like. Including ones who say… I wouldn’t ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself. People who help others to work and enjoy their work. People who push us sometimes out of our comfort zone.

I don’t like people’s whose faces look like they are laughing at you when they reply. I like people who smile at you when they open the door when you arrive.

I often don’t like people, who everyone else says, they are scared to speak to, or scared to talk to.

Other people, I know, don’t like people who say they will do something and then do not.

Somebody said to me today they like Gareth Southgate as England Manager

eBay managed payments – explained

No one likes change, probably not even the staff at the eBay customer service centre.

PayPal is being dropped as they move to ‘Managed Payments’.

Means that all sales money will be sent directly to your business bank account within 2 business days. And no more invoices as eBay will deduct their fees before you get the funds.


I called up with that exact question… and got the impression that eBay is going to picking up a lot of calls with the same query.

  • Paypal used to give sellers their money immediately
  • But it was effectively loaning the money because it takes two days to clear
  • Oh heck, we should have appreciated PayPal more

If everyone starts to hate the new managed payments system, there is a possibility that eBay will introduce its own PayPal type system, to give sellers the money on sold items upfront.

  • Its better for compliance as most people use PayPal for many personal and business purchases
  • It will be easier to show in a tax return document monies received direct to an allocated account

I don’t know what will happen about the extra 5 months you had with PayPal to chase up any disputes on orders. Which effectively meant users of eBay had 6 months insurance, in case an order went wrong.

happy multiethnic couple drinking coffee and showing like gesture
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See it wasn’t too scary after all was it….

Or was it? ….