Another lockdown????

I’m sure that no one wants another lockdown, but how is everyone feeling about the rising rate of COV-19? It was surprising to see that my age group is more affected and also 18-25s. Plus it seems that COV-19 is in our community now, not just a problem for the residential care homes. How COV-19Continue reading “Another lockdown????”

I signed all of them

I read an article today that said the Robinhoods of Britain may have provided a valuable and effective boost to the economy. Robinhoods referred to people who frantically tried to trade their way through the economic slowdown following the lockdown. I have a Redmi Smartphone which adds it’s logo at the corner of every pictureContinue reading “I signed all of them”

Watch yourselves and your loved ones for signs of psychosis during lockdown.

Putting my thoughts in place as I reflect on the psychosis I experienced aged 21 in my final university year. I’m hoping to hold onto that recovery I managed in the following years.

Cats are out…. let’s start bullying everyone who doesn’t look right starting with woeful weighty celebrities.

Has lockdown rulebook taught us more about how to DISAPPROVE of unhealthy choices will this work for the good of our health of we are all pressured to become more ACTIVE again?

Once you complete your responsibility it’s time for appreciation or being shoved off onto the highway….

How do you seize the day, go for the gold when you need to take a moment and think about this overwhelming news?

Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Another American boo boo on wording around COV-19 but was it as bad as the disinfectant?

Self Published Book on Anger free download plus fundraising link

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The solution to mankind’s gravest problems…..

Film recommendations for your bank holiday

Unlock your business potential with expert coaching.

Hear about WHO can help your business get back on track after lockdown.

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