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Gradients of equality

I’ve had some experiences where co-workers with children were able to negotiate time off during periods when the business needed attention.

One manager who was the on call back up never came in during weekends.

His absence added to the stress I was under when staff called in sick and I had to find last minute cover.

In the end it resolved by him giving me a disciplinary. Which his seniority in the business enabled him to do.

That’s an example of someone who seemed to have their own platform of privilege which I would have liked to topple.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about LGBTQI equality and if you feel it has become better or worse since 2019. Maybe you have your own stories to share.

Apparently this man is in the fire fighting force now, although I don’t know if he ever gave up smoking…..

Lows of Black Culture

I wanted to have a try to write on something that I sometimes find contradictory, which is some really bad role models in Black culture. Starting off with…

R. Kelly – basically used his fame in music as a vehicle for domestic sexual aggression including with minors. No way now that anyone at all would call this man a role model.

50 Cent, my sister loved him. But he was a bit crummy really. He had loads of muscles and lots of money and then…. his career plateaued and he lost all his money somehow….

I wanted to try to convey is you can’t generalise people by race or type, there are good and bad people everywhere. We hope for good role models and we hope to be decent to ourselves and our communities.

Saw a BAME teenager verbal assaulting a bus driver, calling the bus driver ‘fatty fatty boom boom’. I wish that teenager knew references to bad taste jokes from Little Britain are banned now AND due to the BLM its been removed from Netflix and so also the actors have apologised for the scripts.

It is patronising to describe all people who define by any category as one thing or another. I’ve met people who are LGBTQI who are totally unique and have almost nothing in common with another person who is LGBTQI.

These are really important questions to ask…if you dare to….


R Kelly – get a job somewhere where other people don’t have to meet him

50 Cent – duet with Christina Aguileria