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  • what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

what is facebook’s status? a look back at the last in person hackathon in London

I don't know how or why, but in 2019 I was invited to Rathone Bone Square HQ to find out more on the subject of freelance international IT development.

Fundraising & Research Project

In Bristol some people brought computers from me, requesting a discount because they were going to be sent to Africa, when I dug a little deeper into the opportunities or…

eBabe’s Glamourous Sale available in UK, Scotland and Wales

Collect in Person (from Bristol) Party Dresses Vintech (Vintage Technology)… starting bid at £1 and Parts My family have been helping me and my neighbours were helping me with my…

The quick shortcut to success.

How to get on a course on the subject of 'getting what you wanted or something even better'

Alex loves Alex ❤️💙

We can see the attention to emotional well-being and care for one and each other’s personal wellness routines in their daily timetable. I like the way Alex says that it…

Should you probably run away from the 5 G

Is my mobile phone causing me cancer, a brain injury or other illnesses? When phones were newer these were questions we asked before they became our lives. It’s easy to…

Contagion Vs COV-19 which bits are accurate

Now that Netflix is showing the 2011 Contagion for free how accurate or inaccurate were the film producers in their perspective of how a serious virus would be felt by…

Available now on app

I'm pleased to announce that during lockdown I have secured a Superkey's World app version 1 in partnership with AppPresser USA.

Intolign Membership Sample

Thanks 'Intolign' or Jacyhm and Natasha for some inspired writing about wellness in our approach to change.

Not allowed out… Memories of me riding my hoverskateboard….now in VR

Due to lockdown I raised the archive footage and used four video editing tricks to create a virtual reality of me skating.

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