Standing on a chair annoys people

Standing on a chair annoys people. The first time I remember standing on a chair to say something was at David Lloyd where I was starting a new job working on the after school club. The job was going ok then it began to be clear it was miles away and I kept being late.Continue reading “Standing on a chair annoys people”

Alex loves Alex β€οΈπŸ’™

We can see the attention to emotional well-being and care for one and each other’s personal wellness routines in their daily timetable. I like the way Alex says that it becomes really clear when a crush becomes two way or mutual and two people go from dating to giving themselves more fully to each otherContinue reading “Alex loves Alex β€οΈπŸ’™”

How to convince others of your poshness by how you speak

We are defining ourselves by our speech, what is it saying about us?

Unlock your business potential with expert coaching.

Hear about WHO can help your business get back on track after lockdown.

Salvation Army Employment Service Available

Support Workers ready to help, remote support for any adults needing a listening ear.

Available now on app

I’m pleased to announce that during lockdown I have secured a Superkey’s World app version 1 in partnership with AppPresser USA.

Shaken, stirred and pressed the possibility of an app.

I have been working online with some amazing technical support at AppPresser to try to bring you Superkey’s World the app.

Women Mean Biz networking groups are now available online

Amazing to see how quickly a networking business group has moved to adopt online remote working practices.

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