Reviewed Kevin Hart Netflix Documentary

Ooh wait I forgot someone….. I have been watching his Netflix documentary ‘Don’t f**k this up’. Kevin goes through alot of rollercoasters in a few months caught during the documentary including an LGBTQI goof up over past tweets. Superkey Interestingly Kevin was set to become the fifth BAME individual to present the Oscars. I guessContinue reading “Reviewed Kevin Hart Netflix Documentary”

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I’m pleased to announce that during lockdown I have secured a Superkey’s World app version 1 in partnership with AppPresser USA.

Battle of the Brands

In the last year I modelled and tested a number of new on the market products including Google Pixel, Star Trainers, Blue Vibe Therapy, Wellbeing Indicator Badge, Magnification Units unbranded, Nasum Kareoke Microphones. Keep your enemies close and your family closer then you’ll have more fun with your parents. Wise quote from Sophie Emily-Jane

Best of Bristol

Banksy put a new piece up only to find it was vandalised. I also like Weston it’s alright. Above a link for a property available for sale known to me through a good friend who is relocating. πŸ‘πŸ‘

I want a….OMG it’s actually here

I don’t know about you but alot of my prayers go like this: I want a ……. I want a ……. I hope that’s 🀞🀞🀞 with you Lord I want a …….. Can you help me to get it soon please…… Then suddenly you realise you are getting the answer to your prayer request e.g.Continue reading “I want a….OMG it’s actually here”

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