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Song Theme – songs that feel familiar

Feel Good I like It

It might not be cool to like Hailee but I absolutely have been loving this track and the style of the video, now I found out that it’s her debut as a director. Congratulations Ms Steinfeld on having more control by creating your wonderful music from start to finish.

Happy Birthday to ….

Happy Birthday Paul, you have made our lives better and so many others. We love you and your creativity, as well as the way you have inspired so many. xxx

Doh – Students

The Bristol City Council could install a climbing wall into the city centre.

Walking through Bristol City Centre I noticed some students had taken up skating.

A young adult tried to do a flip and failed.

Doh I thought.

And Doh! Students in Bristol, needing something to do.

Not that skating isn’t a good hobby, its one of those that you only look cool when you are amazing at it.

What did you do as a young person? Did it help you in future life?