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In from the side new film – Gay Rugby

Deciding to take the plunge

I’m an LGBTQ+ woman, so why would I watch the film… well, why not? It’s great to see representation which the gay community has more input over, and it will feel closer to home. The film picks up themes of succeeding and failing as a team, how that feels.

Spoiler alert***

The two men who hit it off, are both in relationships, which aren’t fulfilling them. They have great chemistry and are soon pursuing each other, to discover more, and to feel that wonderful feeling of the connection they share.

Trouble brewing

Their partners both signify stability or returning favours, like being helped out from a bad period of time. Mark and Warren find a fresh start with each other, and are really well suited, like soul mates and partners.

It’s too difficult to break off the existing relationships and it all comes out at the wrong time, during a NYE party.

The feel of the film

I really liked the music, and I found myself crying when Mark & Warren break up for the last time. A few cringe moments, as they tried to keep it secret, to avoid their relationship being outed in the group.

Yes, I really was crying in the cinema, so that says something about the performance of the actors being good.

Best supporting roles

There were some really great supporting roles including Marks best friend Henry, and the team joker/clown – Pinkie.

I hope I haven’t said too much about the film. It’s all about the sentiment you feel when you see it at the cinema.

The Official Website http://www.infromthesidemovie.com

In From The Side is described as an Independent Gay Rugby Film and it received 5 stars from The Sunday Times and queer press have hailed it as an excellent cinematic feature film!

Diversity Sucks – here’s why

It appears to be based on the idea that you can correct an imbalanced team by hiring so that you have every diversity box ticked.

It also makes some assumptions that particular people in the same categories might be similarly motivated.

Here I am with a group of older people in an architecture photography enthusiasts groups.

Some of the men have such different opinions on things that you would not believe it.

I think by separating off into groups it can make things worse.

A picture to show someone feeling isolated

I used to go to church when I was younger and it did provide a good place to mix with a range of ages. And actually I think women might need some help from men to understand how to successfully navigate through career progression and other things. I’m sure the men need us too!


Love it or hate it. Personality work, does try to evaluate someone’s strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes by their character rather than their outward appearance.

There’s a verse about people looking at the outward appearance but God looking at what’s inside.

Regardless of who we are and how we identify. Isn’t that how we all want to be treated and valued? For who we are.

Frustrated and overwhelmed by physical disability

In the last five years I have cared for three wheelchair users on a medium term basis and many other wheelchair bound clients.

One of my main struggles is feeling really angry when I get prevented from doing something or carrying out a plan or goal which is important to me.

Whilst this picture shows a working person as a part of group. When you lose your mobility such as the strength to stand independently, there are so many life limiting circumstances that occur.

I met some people who had cereal palsy, who used a chair for their entire lives, and others who had successful careers at Rolls Royce or even just average careers like in a casino.

Plenty of people with mobility problems have to face each day, knowing they need to reply on another pair of legs from a non disabled adult to help them with their daily lives.

And the frustration can become infuriating when someone deliberately or unintentionally prevents access.

I’ve been pretty angry in my life on many occasions and as a theme over recent years, and I have really appreciated hearing the stories of disabled individuals whom I supported when their goals were stopped or just the build up of small disappointments about things that were forgotten.