Once you complete your responsibility it’s time for appreciation or being shoved off onto the highway….

How do you seize the day, go for the gold when you need to take a moment and think about this overwhelming news?

Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Another American boo boo on wording around COV-19 but was it as bad as the disinfectant?

Should you probably run away from the 5 G

Is my mobile phone causing me cancer, a brain injury or other illnesses? When phones were newer these were questions we asked before they became our lives. It’s easy to blame stupid people for propagating outlandish theories, but the reality is these ideas only thrive in the absence of truth and understanding. These telecom companies have failedContinue reading “Should you probably run away from the 5 G”

Not allowed out… Memories of me riding my hoverskateboard….now in VR

Due to lockdown I raised the archive footage and used four video editing tricks to create a virtual reality of me skating.

I want a….OMG it’s actually here

I don’t know about you but alot of my prayers go like this: I want a ……. I want a ……. I hope that’s ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž with you Lord I want a …….. Can you help me to get it soon please…… Then suddenly you realise you are getting the answer to your prayer request e.g.Continue reading “I want a….OMG it’s actually here”

A career like a sports player

I have watched two movies on Amazon Prime this week about sports careers. The first is Steven Gerrard’s story of his life with Liverpool Football Team and the second which I’m only half watching about Paul Gascoigne and the football thuggery of the nineties. I suppose what I realised, especially from Steven’s story was thatContinue reading “A career like a sports player”

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