Reviewed Kevin Hart Netflix Documentary

Ooh wait I forgot someone….. I have been watching his Netflix documentary ‘Don’t f**k this up’. Kevin goes through alot of rollercoasters in a few months caught during the documentary including an LGBTQI goof up over past tweets. Superkey Interestingly Kevin was set to become the fifth BAME individual to present the Oscars. I guessContinue reading “Reviewed Kevin Hart Netflix Documentary”

Christian message confuses on the COV-19 front

Another American boo boo on wording around COV-19 but was it as bad as the disinfectant?

A career like a sports player

I have watched two movies on Amazon Prime this week about sports careers. The first is Steven Gerrard’s story of his life with Liverpool Football Team and the second which I’m only half watching about Paul Gascoigne and the football thuggery of the nineties. I suppose what I realised, especially from Steven’s story was thatContinue reading “A career like a sports player”

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