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I can’t feel my face anymore – mask dysphoria

Of course, we all can agree that facemarks were needed, and necessary without doubt to prevent the spread of covid.

Having now spent 3 years working as a carer for adults, I have started to feel a sense of shame or guilt about my full face. Seeing someone bare their face, feels somehow offensive. My mind draws the rest of the face and I often imagine the face to be different from the one which is behind it. And did you know, our brains erase our noses, as in reality we can always see them.

I was looking back at the first lockdown videos, as YouTube congratulated me on 100 subscribers. This early TikTok video is one of the last memories I have, of feeling normal about faces.

The constant compulsory mask wearing, has disoriented my spacial awareness of faces, and even how to move mine. I find myself less sure of myself as I speak to my colleagues on the bus stop without our masks. But fortunately it only takes a smile to break the ice.

Saying good bye to the freedom to wear your face as it is. Three years on, does anyone else have similar feelings of dysphoria or shame and guilt about showing your face without covering your mouth or nose and mouth?


The Hospital in Bristol was in hot water with the CQC after allegations from staff that it was common practice to ask staff to use their western name, if their natural name was too foreign sounding.

My thoughts are two things:

On a practicable basis it’s important to be able to call out to your colleague with a name other than ‘thingy’ or something that is really difficult to pro-nounce like some sort of tongue twister.

There are plenty of non western names which are so much more familiar these days.

Tarique, Ahmed, Hassan, Hussian, Atif, Zuzanna

Joy, Blessing, Qian (Chén), Pitor, Kwame, Hadiza, Nimish

I disagree that individuals should be made to feel their natural name is unaccepted, although sometimes people have shortened versions of them e.g. Fal instead of Faraji.

If you go into your local Subway for a sandwich you’ll understand that actually everyone’s name is lovely, honey, dear, love ………when you’re serving the public at lunchtime!!!

The Care Reform – A Carer’s Perspective

Plenty of companies available which support adults with disabilities 

Difficult/impossible to find work placements for adults receiving care

Too much medication reliance 

Not enough development of other strategies or coping mechanisms

Cost of training staff – internal staff

Cost of employing agency staff – external staff

If both, which group to focus on?

a team holding sparklers and having a celebration in the office
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a mother spending time with her daughter
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Trying to talk about things is like yelling into a vacuum
Many disabled persons like friendly, fun staff … could you be one?