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What is the greed fear index part two

The Financial Markets are in fear currently. Abit like my video where I mixed media of a sports car unable to move and sounds of accelerating.

It’s probably a good month to look at the CNN Greed Fear Index if you want to understand how it measures emotions involved with money.

Volatility in the financial markets can affect everyone, because even if you never held a single investment, your company pension is most probably invested in a fund, which in turn is a collection of companies which your pension is held inside.

What is the greed fear index?

Today’s reading from the CNN Greed Fear Index

The greed fear index answers the question, ‘what emotion is driving the market right now?’

It also gives you a comparison to a week, month and year ago
A month ago we were in fear, mostly because of fearful news around the energy crisis and fuel shortages.

You might be interested to know there is a cryptocurrency fear greed index.