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Ladders – Easter God Slot

One sermon I remember from growing up in church was the example of a ladder, and all the sorts of things we rest our lives upon, the aims we struggle towards and what we hope for. And whether we find our climb is a God shaped ladder or think for a while where it is leading us.

I can’t say I am perfect, and one colleague recently said, when you get further up the ladder at work, sometimes you get further away from what you really set out to do.

I struggle with considering money as the ultimate ladder for life. Lately with all the prices going up so much and seeing our local area be developed into luxury housing and luxury serviced student flats, it makes me think, the only way to achieve the things you want in life, is with more money.

A colleague of mine kindly prayed for me, for prosperity of spirit. I guess this is something we can all pray for, to be filled with God, or a sense of purpose, or maybe to feel peace. All these things are intangible richness in life. Being content is another one, and grateful. It’s so easy to always find something that disappoints us.

I don’t always know if I’ve set my ladder right, but my dad says to me it’s important to have goals. I believe that getting clearer about what we want, can help guide us, when so many things distract us from our path.

Superkey’s Easter Prayer

I am weighing up how adults can be successful in their own right, when after graduating other life milestones are more difficult to achieve. If couples never expect to own their home, and housing is so uncertain for families. What other steps are adults supposed to take? Many young people aren’t so motivated with driving as different generations. Maybe it’s more growing old, and career path mapping?




Can you think of ladders in your life which represent goals you are working towards?

Frustrated and overwhelmed by physical disability

In the last five years I have cared for three wheelchair users on a medium term basis and many other wheelchair bound clients.

One of my main struggles is feeling really angry when I get prevented from doing something or carrying out a plan or goal which is important to me.

Whilst this picture shows a working person as a part of group. When you lose your mobility such as the strength to stand independently, there are so many life limiting circumstances that occur.

I met some people who had cereal palsy, who used a chair for their entire lives, and others who had successful careers at Rolls Royce or even just average careers like in a casino.

Plenty of people with mobility problems have to face each day, knowing they need to reply on another pair of legs from a non disabled adult to help them with their daily lives.

And the frustration can become infuriating when someone deliberately or unintentionally prevents access.

I’ve been pretty angry in my life on many occasions and as a theme over recent years, and I have really appreciated hearing the stories of disabled individuals whom I supported when their goals were stopped or just the build up of small disappointments about things that were forgotten.

Strong Minded

One thing I have learned to be lately in strong minded. Although I come from a determined family.

I have somehow developed the ability so that I can force myself to do things I don’t want to do, to gain something I want.


I suppose when you succeed in doing something you didn’t think you could, it’s easier to believe in yourself.

Listening back to my podcast project, quite a lot of my audio tracks are about developing self belief

Achieving a goal as a team is another great way to develop resilience